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Sustainability Driven by Innovation:

For Capai, sustainability means combining environmental protection and social responsibility with economic success. Capai provides its customers with high quality services and products, and constantly strives to offer the best solution for the specific requirements. We always strive to fulfill our customers' needs, and are continuously monitoring, testing and improving our products, services, technology and manufacturing procedures. This ensures that we can maintain quality, safety and innovation at each stage of the development, production and distribution process

Leading the Change to Sustainable Technologies

The primary goal of our sustainability concept is to protect the environment, end users, production workers in the industries we serve, as well as our staff. To achieve this aim, we work intensively on developing green alternatives to the conventional processes and systems used in today’s plating industries. Our target is not only to comply with chemical regulations but to raise the standards even higher with our self-imposed commitment to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from our product range.

It is Capai’s strategy to lead the change to sustainable plating technologies, and we already offer a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally-sound alternatives. With its strong focus on sustainable technologies, Capai will continue to set benchmarks in the development of environmentally-sound plating processes.