Driving Innovations

Innovating the World of Surface Finishing

Capai provides its customers with innovative technologies, resulting from intense research and development efforts. To consistently stay one step ahead, Capai considers R&D an essential tool in all of its strategic business activities and decisions. Being at the forefront of the next generation of technology is an extensive and cost-intensive exercise, but one supported by the company’s expenditures for scientific-support studies of the product and process-related development, continuous upgrade of its R&D facilities, the ever-increasing number of PhDs working on diverse R&D projects, and collaborations within the industries we serve to find future manufacturing solutions.

Scientific Expertise:

Alongside leading manufacturers and OEMs, Capai operates a global R&D network, which co-develops new production ideas in order to drive innovation. Capai's global R&D teams seek out new paths and set benchmarks for the development of sustainable plating processes. Their skills are not only reflected in the quality of our products, but can also be seen in the steadily increasing number of Capai patents.

Technology for Tomorrow’s Solutions:

Capai owns an extensive patent portfolio, a large part of which helps to protect proprietary green and future technologies. Additionally, an important part of the patent portfolio covers existing Capai processes and equipment. In both process chemistry and equipment development, we focus on alternative manufacturing processes. These alternative processes include technologies which are environmentally friendlier, more cost-effective and offer a higher innovative technical benefit than conventional processes.

In-Depth R&D Partnerships:

Capai maintains close partnerships with customers and OEMs, institutes, universities and other companies to strengthen R&D activities and expedite the development of future technologies.