Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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Bright Silver Argium w12

Argium w12 silver produces pure white, haze free silver deposits over a wide thickness range. The electrolyte has excellent bright throw and can be engineered to give good covering power.

The Argium w12 silver deposit has a conductivity equal to pure silver and is widely used throughout the world for RFI transmission applications.

Additive consumption is low, making the solution easy and economical to operate. Argium w12 silver process is suitable for both rack and barrel installations.

Black Nickel

 Black nickel plating is typically plated on brass, bronze, or steel in order to produce a non-reflective surface.

Nickel N

Used generally in the electrical and electronics fields as an intermediate layer on various components this reliable nickel plating solution is operated mainly without additives.
The electrolyte produces light and relatively uniform nickel coatings on untarnished surfaces, the deposit being very ductile and extremely active, both important factors for subsequent electroplating.


The Chrome SLCHROM DR 1140 is an electrolyte for the deposition of decorative chromium layers. Chrome SLOTOCHROM DR 1140 doesn’t contain chromates (hexavalent chromic acid) and operates on the basis of trivalent chromium [Cr(III)] compounds.