Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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Bright Silver

Bright Silver  process produces light, bright, haze-free deposits.

Inclusion of an antimony brightener gives enhanced and controllable hardness over a wide range of deposit thicknesses.

The process is ideally suited to decorative, technical and heavy silver plating in both rack and barrel systems.

Best results are achieved when plating on to brass, copper or German silver.

Powder coating advantages & disadvantages.

Advantages: environmentally friendly process releases negligible if any VOC into the environment :

Super bright Nickel

 Super bright Nickel  meets all the demands of a modern top quality nickel rack-plating electrolyte.  The deposits are fully bright and highly ductile with excellent throwing power and excellent levelling even with thin deposits.  The deposit is receptive to chrome plating.

The solution is easy to operate and can be air or mechanically agitated.

Solid Polishing Compound

Small lot sizes and work pieces with complicated geometries are best polished by hand. Manual polishing on the buff require experience and a sense for the item being polished.