Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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 A neutral electrolyte with high current efficiency producing matt yellow, pure gold deposits. The deposit has excellent bonding and soldering properties making it ideal for printed circuit and semiconductor applications 

Powder coating advantages & disadvantages.

Advantages: environmentally friendly process releases negligible if any VOC into the environment :

Miroralloy 8464

Miroralloy 8464 is a rack bronze plating solution producing a bright yellow copper / tin / zinc alloy coating. This deposit is ideally suited as an undercoat for gold plating. The electrolyte has good covering power and good metal distribution.

Nickel Sulphamate

This nickel sulphamate electrolyte is particularly suitable for the deposition of highly ductile, thick nickel deposits with low internal tensile stress for use in the engineering, electronics and electroforming fields.
It can be operated over a wide range of conditions: at temperatures from 50 - 60°C at pH 4.0 and at current densities from below 7.5 A/dm² up to about 43 A/dm². Internal stress in the deposit is determined mainly by the chloride content and to a lesser extent by the pH.The deposit characteristics are also influenced by the single BFL additive used.