Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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Gold Brightener 4408 VS

Gold Brightening Bath 408 WS is used for the anodic brightening of 8 - 18 carat coloured gold alloys and nickel-white gold alloys.
Anodic brightening dispenses with mechanical polishing to a varying degree depending on the shape, size and initial condition of the items. 

Miroralloy 28445

Miroralloy 28445 has been developed to produce a copper-tin-zinc alloy coating.

Miroralloy 28476

Miroralloy 28476 is a barrel bronze plating electrolyte producing a copper-tin-zinc alloy deposit with a gold colour of approximately 2N.


Silver Strike Solution

A Silver Strike solution is always recommended prior to silver deposition to promote excellent adhesion and prolong the life of the main plating solution.