Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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Bright Copper TB 10

 A decorative acid copper plating process giving mirror bright, highly levelled deposits. Levelling performance is maintained even at low current densities. This sulphuric acid based electrolyte has a stable additive system and wide operating parameters.
Operating temperature of the bath is 20 - 25°C (22°C) optimum and the current density varies between 2 and 7 A/dm². Deposition rate is 0.88 µm / minute at 4 A/dm² 


The Chrome SLCHROM DR 1140 is an electrolyte for the deposition of decorative chromium layers. Chrome SLOTOCHROM DR 1140 doesn’t contain chromates (hexavalent chromic acid) and operates on the basis of trivalent chromium [Cr(III)] compounds.

Gold Brightener 4408 VS

Gold Brightening Bath 408 WS is used for the anodic brightening of 8 - 18 carat coloured gold alloys and nickel-white gold alloys.
Anodic brightening dispenses with mechanical polishing to a varying degree depending on the shape, size and initial condition of the items. 

bluing metals

 True gun bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating resulting from an oxidizing chemical reaction with iron on the surface selectively forming magnetite (Fe3O4), the black oxide of iron.