Standard Atomic Weights Of Commonly Encountered Elements

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Nickel N

Used generally in the electrical and electronics fields as an intermediate layer on various components this reliable nickel plating solution is operated mainly without additives.
The electrolyte produces light and relatively uniform nickel coatings on untarnished surfaces, the deposit being very ductile and extremely active, both important factors for subsequent electroplating.

Cyanide Copper SLCOUP CC10

This cyanide based copper plating solution produces bright, smooth and ductile deposits.
The throwing and covering power are excellent; the process is very suitable for the plating of profiled parts.
As it is hydroxide free, it is particularly suitable for the copper plating of zinc-based diecastings. It is suitable for both rack and barrel applications.



Colour comparison of chrome layers deposited from chromium(VI)- and chromium(III) electrolytes 
The colour measurements were carried out with Diffus/8°geometry (Diagram 1). 

Nickel Bath Additives:

 Nickel Raw Materials